The bone and soft tissue anatomy surrounding a tooth especially around the front of the tooth facing the lip can be very thin. If there is also a frenal or muscle attachment that extends near the tooth surface, plaque removal from that area may be difficult. The tension from the frenum on the thin gingiva may open a pocket and contribute to recession of the gingiva.

If orthodontic tooth movement moves a tooth through the existing thin wall of bone, an opening may occur. This opening can also lead to the recession of gingiva. Recession of the gingival tissue and loss of bone exposes the root surfaces of the teeth. Root surfaces are softer than enamel and can be destroyed by overzealous brushing and plaque accumulation.

A surgical procedure can be performed to eliminate the frenal or high muscle attachment and a graft can be placed in the area. This will accomplish 4 things:

  1. Enhances ability to remove plaque around the gingival margin
  2. Improves aesthetics
  3. Reduces inflammation around teeth
  4. Gingival margin binds better around teeth

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